Creative Marketing: Using Prize Giveaways To Gain Attention

We all know that people like free stuff. We also know that they like the truly free stuff, the kind that comes with no strings attached. Therefore, when it comes to gaining new customers or followers through social media, consider using prize giveaways to gain attention.

Giveaways, as part of a marketing plan, have proven successful for companies in past campaigns. Companies with larger budgets purchase air time on television, put together commercials and give away trips to popular sporting events or popular vacation destinations. If your company is smaller or just getting started, there are many other ways to put on a creative marketing campaign with giveaways.

For smaller companies that do not have a well known brand yet, consider giving away samples of your product, or a week to a month of your services for free. The goal of giveaways is to stir word of mouth and to gain new followers. Basically, you want to create as much buzz as possible. Positive word of mouth is the best result because that is free and can spread in many directions.

When it comes to creative marketing, don't underestimate the power of free, no strings attached, giveaways.

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How To Get Traffic With Internet Marketing

If you want to make money from your website or blog, you probably know that having plenty of traffic is important in order for you to do so. However, you might be wondering how you can get traffic for your website. Luckily, Internet marketing makes it easy for you to get plenty of page views, [...]

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Strategies For Mobile Marketing With SMS

Marketing your business by sending text messages to clients and potential clients is a great way to drum up business. Since more and more people are dependent on their cell phones and carry them with them everywhere that they go, you are sure to catch the attention of those who you send text messages to. [...]

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The Basics of Guerrilla Marketing

It’s not like traditional warfare. It kills no enemies, but it frequently crushes the competition. The low-cost, unconventional advertising strategy known as guerrilla marketing makes use of atypical marketing tactics. This “all’s fair in love and war” philosophy can produce results in a marketing environment that can be as unforgiving as it is competitive. Guerrilla [...]

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Mobile Marketing: Tips And Techniques To Increase Brand Popularity

Mobile marketing is a great way for businesses to promote products and services to customers. Various tips and techniques can be used with the mobile marketing campaign for your business. Include directions and maps to the location that can easily be viewed by a mobile device. You will have many customers that are using mobile [...]

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Marketing Your Products With A Website

With so many people choosing to shop online these days due to the convenience, it is going to be a smart move for you to have your own website that allows everyone online to be able to see your products, easily make their selection and easily purchase. All that’s left is for them to wait [...]

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Traffic Analysis For The Internet Marketer

Anyone that is involved with internet marketing will have to take the steps to review traffic statistics. The reason for this is that traffic represents the amount of potential customers a business could gain. If a website is published for the purpose of sales then the website will need an enormous amount of traffic. The [...]

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Marketing Strategies For The 21st Century

As we advance more and more into the 21st century, people are finding new ways to market themselves. The Internet is pretty much a given at this point, and people are putting their ads up on all different types of websites. However, other methods worth considering exist too. Facebook is practically a must for so [...]

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